Saturable Reactor Power Supplies

MSI Saturable Reactor Power SupplySaturable Reactor Power Supplies

Instead of using solid state electronics to vary the output of the power supply, these units use a saturable reactor to vary the power. Because there are no fans or solid-state devices, saturable reactors can operate in environments that would be harmful to silicon controlled rectifier power supplies due to high temperatures or unclean conditions. Magnetic Specialties design saturable reactors to fit existing control schemes.


  • 2 MVA
  • Up to 25 kV class, 125 kV BIL
  • Single zone, two zone (3 to 2 phase output), or multiple zones in one enclosure
  • Self-cooled, forced-air cooled, or water cooled
  • Linear input/output characteristics
  • Load matching transformers conservatively designed for long lifespan, even at full power
  • Up to 60°C ambient temperature
  • NEMA 1 enclosure, ANSI 61 gray powder coat is standard, additional colors optional



  • Output voltage and current feedback
  • UL Recognized insulation system (Primary must be 600V or less). MSI UL Insulation systems are available in 130°, 180° and 220°C ratings
  • Final Test Reports with optional Certificate of Compliance


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