Saturable Reactors

MSI Saturable Reactor

Also known as magnetic amplifiers, saturable reactors use a DC control winding to control the flow of AC power in a circuit. By using a saturable reactor in the primary circuit of a power transformer, the output power to the load can be controlled. This is helpful for driving a variety of loads including motors, furnaces, and even lighting equipment. Because there are no fans or solid state devices, saturable reactors can operate in environments that would be harmful to silicon controlled rectifier power supplies due to high temperatures or unclean conditions. Magnetic Specialties can design saturable reactors to fit existing control schemes or if necessary supply new DC power supplies. For more information see our DC Power Supply page.


  • Linear input/output characteristics
  • High resolution output control
  • Torroid or shell type core designs
  • Copper or Aluminum windings
  • KVAR ratings up to 70 KVAR