Smoothing Reactors

MSI Smoothing ReactorSmoothing Reactors

DC Smoothing Reactor, similar to a DC choke uses its inductance to reduce ripple current on a DC line. They also limit inrush currents. Smoothing reactors are commonly found on electric passenger trains. Magnetic Specialties can design a smoothing reactor for the harshest environment.


  • Current ratings up to 2000 ADC
  • Single phase
  • Single or dual coil construction
  • Aluminum or copper windings
  • Designed not to saturate up to customer specified overcurrent
  • Magnetic Specialties core leg construction results in quiet construction
  • Self-cooled, forced-air cooled, or water cooled



  • Encapsulation
  • Temperature monitoring via thermal switches, thermocouples, or platinum RTDs
  • UL Recognized insulation system (System voltage must be less than 600V).  130, 180, and 220°C systems are available
  • CE marking with declaration of conformity (ROHS and Low Voltage Directive where applicable)
  • Private labeling with customer supplied nameplate artwork (Units that are private labeled cannot carry our UL label)
  • NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R cabinets
  • Test Reports with optional Certificate of Compliance