DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies

MSI - DC Power SuppliesDC power supplies convert alternating current to direct current using a process called rectification.  Magnetic Specialties can design a DC power supply to meet your industrial power needs.


  • Load matching via rectifier transformer, input up to 25 kV class and 125 kV BIL
  • Air cooled rectification up to 2000 ADC means installation is simple
  • Unfiltered output
  • Six pulse, full wave rectification standard



  • 12, 18, and 24 pulse rectification for lower ripple
  • Water cooled rectifiers and/or transformers for very high output current or where space is restricted
  • Output control via controlled rectifier or phase angle SCR controller connected to rectifier transformer input (600V and below)
  • NEMA 1 enclosure, ANSI 61 gray powder coat is standard; however, we can offer additional colors
  • Output voltage and current feedback optional
  • External DC bus connections through an insulated enclosure panel
  • Tap switch connected to rectifier transformer primary for fine tuning of output voltage
  • Rectifier transformers can be built with a UL Recognized insulation system for input voltages less than 600V – 130, 180, and 220°C systems are available
  • Certificate of Compliance with Test Reports