Line Reactors

MSI Line ReactorLine Reactors

Line reactors are AC inductors used to filter out current spikes, protect sensitive equipment such as variable frequency drives, and provide some short circuit protection in a power system.  They can also be used to filter out high frequency harmonic currents above the fundamental mains frequency of the power system.


  • Up to 25 kV class, 125 kV BIL
  • Customer specified impedance, 3% and 5% standard
  • Aluminum or copper windings
  • Magnetic Specialties core leg construction results in quiet construction
  • Quiet operation under full load conditions means a long and reliable lifespan
  • Core legs built with multiple small gaps to reduce core loss



  • UL Recognized insulation system (System voltage must be less than 600V).  130, 180, and 220°C systems are available
  • CE marking with declaration of conformity (ROHS and Low Voltage Directive where applicable)
  • Private labeling with customer supplied nameplate artwork (Units that are private labeled cannot carry our UL label)
  • Mechanical design can be tailored to fit an existing enclosure or we can supply the CLR installed in one of our NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R cabinets
  • Test Reports with optional Certificate of Compliance