Magnetic Specialties Ships Transformers For Use In Industrial Rectifiers

Pulse Rectifier Transformer

Telford, Pa. – February 27, 2020 – Magnetic Specialties, Inc. (MSI) recently shipped two 510KVA, three phase step down 6-pulse rectifier transformers and DC inductors for use in industrial rectifier applications.

Each transformer features a 12,470V primary designed for 60kV BIL and a multi-tapped secondary with electrostatic shields between windings.  Primary winding is constructed using the modified disk method of winding, which has better short circuit strength and more even distribution of voltage transients as compared to conventional barrel windings.  Insulation includes Glastic® “winding combs” and Dupont Nomex® insulation rated at 220°C. Included in our rigorous quality inspection and testing, MSI successfully verified temperature rise by applying a heat run type test.  The 3800 pound core and coil assembly was designed using Solidworks® 3D modeling.

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